High function high end Japanese circular knits from Nankaigosen make their way into high function high end wetsuit materials as well as medical products, automotive textiles, robotics, and bedding.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nankai Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") believes that trust from users is the first and it is important for the Company to handle accurate and confidential information related to individual users We believe it is a responsibility. For that purpose, we will establish a "personal information protection policy" on personal information of users and practice thoroughly for all employees and affiliated companies on how to handle personal information. Its contents are as follows. For personal information that we have already used and used by us, we will also handle your personal information in accordance with this policy.

About the handling of personal information

(1) Acquisition of personal information

Our company will collect personal information by lawful and fair means. In requesting the user to provide personal information the use of which should be evident beforehand. We will use the information to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose within the scope of our legitimate business.

(2) Use of personal information and shared use

Our company will use personal information kept by our company within the range of acceptance by those who obtained personal information and within the scope in accordance with collection purpose. With respect to purpose of use, we will use the items within the "range of purpose of use" below.

About the range of purpose of use

· When we contact your business

· When we inform you about products and services handled by us

· In case we will respond to inquiries or requests from users

· For other purposes, inform the user in advance, in case of the purpose of receiving consent


Usage other than the above purpose

In the event that it becomes necessary to use the personal information of the user for purposes other than those mentioned above, except for cases permitted by laws and ordinances, the user's consent shall be obtained for its use.

(3) Third party provision of personal information

Our company will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent. However, unless there are special circumstances such as legal obligations to be followed by us according to laws and other norms applicable to personal information, this is not the case.

(4) Procedures for Disclosure / Modification of Personal Information

If you request inquiries, corrections or deletions concerning personal information provided by users, please contact the inquiries counter. Except for cases where such request causes a serious obstacle to our business, only when it is confirmed by the user himself, within the reasonable period, the personal information of the user We will disclose, correct and delete.

Compliance with regulations concerning protection of personal information

Our company will comply with applicable personal information protection laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by our company. In addition, this policy will be judged according to the laws of Japan and other norms. This policy establishes the basic policy concerning the handling of personal information of our company and we will strive to protect personal information based on laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law etc. according to this policy.

About personal information security measures

Our company will protect the personal information from unauthorized access, loss of personal information, destruction, tampering, leakage etc. We will establish a management system to ensure accuracy and safety, and will implement appropriate safety measures. In addition to conducting educational awareness raising activities for all officers and employees involved in the protection of personal information of our company by restricting the entry of outsiders into the office that handles personal information we will take the utmost care.

For Continuous Improvement

Our company will continuously review and improve our efforts to protect personal information in order to respond to changes in laws and ordinances to be followed by Japan.
Inquiries about the handling of personal information can be handled here:
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