High function high end Japanese circular knits from Nankaigosen make their way into high function high end wetsuit materials as well as medical products, automotive textiles, robotics, and bedding.

Business Operations

Product Development

From the selection of fine materials to our processing methods, we have been developing and designing products that can satisfy tall orders from our customers. Continually we are putting time and effort into product development to save weight, improve strength and reduce cost of our products through technology and experience cultivated over many years . Put your requests in the hands of our experienced technicians.

Quality Control

Because we take great pride in our products, quality control is integrated into every step of the manufacturing process. All yarn is inspected before and after post processing both by eye and machine. Fabric is monitored during the knit process and every meter of fabric is inspected before being sent off to a dye factory where seperate quality control systems are in place. 

Yarn Manufacture

Applying a false twist and texturing pre-processed yarn is a major part of the manufacturing process that most fabric manufactueres outsource. However, since we do this in house it allows us to have a level of control in the final product that is not attainable by most companies.

Circular Knitting

Because quality of is formost importance to us and our customers alike, we only use the highest quality machinery to produce our high performance fabric. We have many machines of various gauges and sizes to accomadate most requests.

Sales and Staff

Our sales team and staff are very communicative and are always working to keep our customers up to date and to keep our shipments on time. You should never hesitate to contact us because we will be happy to hear from you. 
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