High function high end Japanese circular knits from Nankaigosen make their way into high function high end wetsuit materials as well as medical products, automotive textiles, robotics, and bedding.
Company Introduction

At Nankaigosen we put our 50 years of experience in the circular knit capital of Japan to work for you to bring superior synthetic materials to market. Using primarily high quality nylon and polyester yarn that we manufacture in-house we are able to make a wide range of high performance textiles that are highly customizable to our customer’s needs. High elasticity, soft touch, and fabrics with special features such as the ability to generate heat, kill bacteria, and deodorize are the reason why major brands continue to source materials from us. We are particularly proud of our marine focused materials which are being used by wetsuit manufacturers all over Japan.


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The quality of our fabric can be attributed to three main factors: high quality yarn, high quality machines, and high quality people. Without one or the other we would not be able to achieve results that are up to our standards. From the yarn we use, to our 25 texturing/twisting/knitting machines, to the people who operate them, we are very particular. Only high spec made in Japan machines are used in our manufacturing process and due to our location and time spent in the industry we have developed a strong relationship with the machine manufacturers which means that down time due to machine trouble is very rare because manufacture knowledge and parts are right on our doorstep. Couple this with our technicians’ experience and knowledge and there is little that we can’t do within the circular knit field and we do it all with high reliability. High spec yarn, high spec machines, and high spec technicians deliver a superior product.
About Our Products
Our high performance synthetic textiles are what we are the proudest of but owing to the assorted equipment we have at our factory we make all manner of fabrics from polyurethane, nylon, and polyester at many price points and with varied features. Common characteristics in our fabric is its soft touch and high elasticity. Though by utilizing advancements in the field we are able to express features such as heat generation, heat retention, antibacterial properties, deodorant properties, and waterproofness in any number of materials. Our single jersey, double jersey, pile, and bare jersey products have found their way into premium wetsuits, inner clothing, high end robotics, bedding, medical supports, car interiors, gloves, speaker nets, and many other products. If you give us an application we more likely than not can provide or develop a material for your needs.
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For domestic inquiries please contact us by phone or email. For international inquiries please contact us via the contact form.
Let us know about your application, desired colors, and features, and we will do our best to meet your request.